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Hanmi Science Aims to Grow into Global Vaccine Hub Company


Hanmi Science, the holding company of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group, aims to become a regional vaccine hub company based on its massive mRNA vaccine production capacity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is moving to establish a vaccine hub in each region of the world. Hanmi Science sees the project as a golden opportunity to grow. If selected for the WHO vaccine hub project, the company is expected to become a vaccine hub pharmaceutical company with the capability to develop and produce mRNA vaccines.

Hanmi Science is in the process of participating in the WHO's global project to build regional hubs for vaccine supply.

The project aims to build mass-production bases for vaccines to facilitate worldwide distribution through the WHO and the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX).

The project is not just a declaration. The WHO recently announced that it will establish a coronavirus vaccine hub in South Africa. In particular, South African pharmaceutical companies Biovac and Afrizen Biotechnology will be in charge of development and production to manufacture mRNA vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies that have already developed and produced mRNA vaccines -- Pfizer and Moderna -- are also moving to participate in the plan.

To be selected for the project, a company needs to prove its ability to produce mRNA vaccines. Hanmi Science has sufficient production capabilities.

Hanmi Fine Chemical, a Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group affiliate producing raw materials for drugs, is capable of supplying up to 300 million doses of mRNA vaccine a year. The group's ability to produce mRNA vaccines using raw materials excels its raw material production capacity. Hanmi Bio Plant in Pyeongtaek can produce 100 million doses of DNA vaccines and one billion doses of mRNA vaccines annually.

“If raw material supply and technology transfers from mRNA vaccine developers are secured, Hanmi Science will be able to produce one billion doses of vaccines without difficulties,” an industry insider said. One billion doses represent an amount that can contribute to putting an end to vaccine drought not only in Korea but in other countries.

If selected for the WHO project, Hanmi Science will emerge as a vaccine hub pharmaceutical company. The drugmaker established the Next-Generation mRNA Vaccine Platform Technology Consortium with ST Farm and GC Green Pharma and is also developing its own vaccine. Its goal is to secure mRNA vaccine technology by next year and produce 100 million doses of vaccines. The WHO project is a golden opportunity for Hanmi Science to become a pharmaceutical company that has vaccine development and supply capabilities.

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